Sunnish War

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Sunnish War
Date 1879 Postperidantean - present
Location(s) Summering; primarily the Summerly Isle
Result Mostly Maigher victories; ongoing
Blazing Banners Loyalist Army
Armyn Maigher, King of the Isles

Finnan Rorke, Prince of Rorke
Roylan a Grayle, the Grayling
Corro Merramy
Donagal Misgor

Altayn II a Tair, King of the Sunnish

Lord Winselius Twyne
Lord Dor Dreyling
Lord Quorrigan Twyne

The Sunnish War (1879 Postperidantean - present) was a series of three mass armed conflicts for control of the Summerly Isle, the last still ongoing, in spite of the so-called Seven Day Parlay.

The two warring sides in the war were the Army of the Blazing Banners, made up of the House of Maigher, House of Pyre, and several other sworn families' armies, and led by Armyn Maigher, self-proclaimed King of the Isles; and the loyalist armies of the Houses a Tair, Twyne, Tussle, Cord, Aster, Hading, Brystle, Buckle, Merlie, Rumm, and Dreyling, led by King Altayn II a Tair of the Sunnish. The Rorkish pirate otters joined fairly late in the fighting, on the side of the Army of the Blazing Banners, for their own gain, and only after a secret Nyfitsan plot to bring them into the war succeeded.



For twoscore folds since the A Tairs came into the throne of Summerly in addition to the Isles they already ruled, Lord Maigher of the Isles was bound by King Altayn to protect Sunnish borders and shipping with his vast naval fleet, as well as to watch over the Isles themselves as a steward.
It began to seem the King of the Summerly Isle was becoming too powerful, and fears arose that the ancient Crown of Summering might again arise. Nyfitsa and Rorke, being independent kingdoms and the former having interests in the region, namely Saampoch, were adamantly opposed to the idea.
A conspiracy arose with the Maigher, who had long been disgruntled playing second fiddle to the great A Tairs, to sieze the throne of the Isles. In the long absence of the A Tairs, in the confidence of friends, the Maigher even began calling himself King of the Isles.

Word of the Maigher's sedition reached the King, but he refused to truly believe it, and he sat many a night pondering what next to do about the upstart steward. Ever two steps ahead, Armyn saw his opportunity to take the throne of his unsuspecting ally when Altayn's heir, Prince Merlys a Tair, set off on a sea hunt for the remaining Hrong'aann Corsairs. Lord Maigher sent word to two saboteurs, beggard spies Pocketts and Jered Luckless, to sink Merlys' ship Wavewitch during the voyage.
A month after Merlys' disappearance in 1879, a small strike fleet of primarily Rorkish pirate ships with fireships in tow sailed up the Shimmermere on a new moon and laid waste to the few Sunnish ships at anchor in the bay, effectively destroying any chance of a seaborne conflict.


Concurrent to the attack on the Shimmermere, over a thousand swords and spears bearing the Blazing Banner of the Maigher landed at Hen-a-Penny on the northernmost island shore and began their march south to Castle Quill, the old hedgehog keep of the House of Twyne.
Word reached the Twyne garrison of the treachery to the south too late- the army arrived before they could make proper preparations for a siege, and the fortress was taken with decimating loss of life on the side of the House of Twyne. Those Twynes that were left, about a hundred, fled south toward the Black Toll to alert the king to Lord Maigher's landing.

The Black Toll

The Battle of the Black Toll, expected to be the King's first victory, turned to slaughter and chaos as the forces of the Maigher infiltrated and captured the Oaken Keep during the battle and began firing on his army from the south, while the Blazing knight Roylan a Grayle's bloodthirsty horde washed in on them from the north, causing the army to splinter and then collapse entirely.
King Altayn was struck in the heat of battle and taken prize by Roylan a Grayle. The Dreylings put up a resistance when the enemy entered their great hall, and were together slain, father and son.

Southward plunge

With the capture of Altayn II after the Black Toll, the Army of the Blazing Banners proceeded across the Flax into the Westcommon and met the arrival of pledged swords from Rorke, under the command of Prince Finnan Rorke and Corro Merramy. Together, they focused their conquest on House of Aster of Cotte's Hold, in order to prevent other houses from travelling south to relieve the besieged Shimmeril residents.
The army was raided while encamped at the Ydlemide, east of Cotte's Hold, suffering morale and supplies.

Fall of the Asters

At Cotte's Hold, Corro Merramy advised sending only part of their besieging army within sight of the walls, hiding the rest in the hills.
The Asters charged out to meet them, thinking the army was weakened severely from their earlier raids. Instead, the main bulk of the army emerged, and the Loyalist charge faltered. They turned back, but by the time they got back to the gates over a hundred lay slaughtered.
The siege army charged and breached the walls with ladders and grappling hooks, and quickly overran the castle. Some of the garrison, including Lord Fendric Aster, escaped through secret tunnels, and were pursued by Donagal Misgor and her knights.

Fall of Shimmeril

After a long and desperate siege that lasted the entire duration of the war thus far, Queen Fiann's brother Rew betrayed the gates of Shimmeril to the Blazing Banners siege army.

Mountain campaign

The Midden, north, and south nominally under Maigher control, the invaders cast their lots toward the sheltered, mountainous Deepenhold of the House of Tussle- a move that ended in stalemate after stalemate, and finally failure. Content to rule the rest of the realm, Armyn waited, seated on Altayn's throne.