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Greetings, wanderer! Surely you've travelled long to be here. Where are my manners? Come in, warm yourself by the hearthfire while I tell ye of the Land of Nor. There's no better way to drift away with old friends and new faces. 5,046 parchments gather dust before us... now, where shall we begin?


Siege of Cotte's Hold

The Siege of Cotte's Hold was a struggle for the House of Aster's fortress of Cotte's Hold in the Sunnish War, fought between the invading Blazing Banners and the last loyal retainers of the Kingdom of the Sunnish holed up within the castle's wooden walls. The siege lasted several days and ended with a vicious, desperate fight for the walls that ended in disaster for the Sunnish loyalists...
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  • And so it begins! An early concept of Summering Tales features in role-playing games between Crimson and Gren.
  • In order to keep track of the exponentially expanding series, the Aianar Wiki is first established on the Wikia wiki hosting platform (now Fandom).
  • The Aianar Wiki chronicles over 2,000 manuscripts and 1,000 characters.
  • Following the 2,800 page mark, the Aianar Wiki is moved to its current independent residence on, co-managed by Crimson and Gren. What new adventures await this devilsome duo?
  • Aianar Wiki has reached 3,000 manuscripts!
  • The complete transition from the old wiki to is complete!
  • Following the... Great Disappearance, Aianar Wiki moves from to the Codex on the domain.


Summering Tales arc
The Dwimmerlands arc

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