Armyn Maigher

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"Ye do well not to trifle with me."

Uncharted waters ahead! The contents of this manuscript at least partially concern current events and are subject to new developments and the winds o' change. Expect spoilers!.

Armyn Maigher
Race: Mink
Sex: Male
Born: 1869 Postperidantean (Age 41), Isle of Embertree
Culture: Tway
Nationality: Islish
Weapon: Marlin's Pike
Title: King of the Isles

Lord of Embertree

Predecessor: Tarmian Maigher
Spouse: Queen Rora of the Isles
Heirs: Prince Rorrin Maigher

Rorena Maigher

House: Maigher
Status: Living

Armyn Maigher, also called Lord Embertree, was the pragmatic mink Greatfather of the Maigher dynasty and self-proclaimed King of the Isles. He once cared for more than his own lot, but according to Reedwarth Rudd, his days of true goodness are long over.
Armyn is one of the Blackblood line of Maighers, who trace their roots all the way back to Maigh III Maigher's brother, Grymus Blackblood.
His mate is Lady Rora Roquane of Riveril, and his children are Rorrin and Rorena.
Lord Maigher and the creatures of those dark Blazing Isles from which he hails have always been thorns in the side of Summering, but recently they've raised the bar of evil, with Armyn's long-brewed plot to conquer Summerly Isle and make himself not only Lord, but King of the Isles.


Personal device of Lord Armyn Maigher

Lord Maigher was tall and muscular, all black save his throat and chin, which were pure white. His face, considered handsome in his youth, aged well, with eyes of dark fiery amber like most Blackblood Maighers, and he spoke with a deep Islish accent.
Armyn was bigger and stronger than his father was, fitting well into his brass-studded Blazing Isles longcoats and robes. On the battlefield, he wore a long quilted surcoat emblazoned with the Maigher arms, and a broad gorget with his personal seal engraved thereupon. He carried a typical Commonish-style sword and his main weapon, the hunting spear Marlin's Pike.

Though some would say Armyn was all bitter, he was more merely cold-hearted and ambitious. It was never enough for the mink lord; no matter what he had, someone else had better. Such was always the lot of the House of Maigher, right paws to the mainlanders but never as great and powerful as they.


Early life

The only son among Lord Syle Maigher's children, Armyn was always expected to take up his father's mantle. As a young minkling, Armyn excelled at sword and song, and was outgoing. His father, being a loose ally of the reigning King Altayn the Black, often took him and his four sisters to Shimmeril, the capital city of Summerly. It was there that he befriended Altayn's sons, the studious, distant Altayn II and wild, musical Ferlayn.
Since Ferlayn and Altayn were already the dashing duo, the three together made quite a little society, making mischief and misdeeds- and attracting lasses -every year they met up. Maigher was said to be the greatest in combat of the three, while Ferlayn was the most melodic, and Altayn the most intellectual.

Rora Roquane

In a calling in 1873, when Armyn was named Lord Maigher at eighteen folds, and Ferlayn a Prince of sixteen, the Lord Roquane sent his daughter to the court to be considered as a bride for the King's sons. Rora Roquane, shy and raven-black, magnetized Armyn.
When Rora fell for Ferlayn instead, and Ferlayn for her, Armyn and the younger a Tair brother became very competitive toward each other, and eventually got into a fight over her.
The two never spoke again.
A moonfold after the quarrel, Ferlayn was struck in the head by a piece of roofing from Shimmering Hall, and bedridden.
Lord Armyn later married Rora.

Later events