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Cawn was a male stoat, infamous for his heartlessly cruel nature and twisted way of thinking. Because of his cold heart, he roamed from group to group, never really seeming to belong. He started out in the band of Vawde the fox, in the Land without Laws. However, the band made the mistake of making their way into the lands of the Kingdom-under-Tree and soon ran into trouble. It was there that Cawn made his first kill, slaying stone dead an entitled young redfur squirrel bully who threatened a weazelbabe, Flijer. The band was relentlessly hunted by redfurs, and presumably Cawn alone escaped.

He wandered south, to the rough country along the Dancing Coast, where he soon found new work: during the Sunnish War, he became first a fighter, then a knight when he took over a Sunnish town with a small band of his own fighters, and then pledged the town and his fealty to the Maighers. He was eventually placed in the Laughing Thirteen for the remarkable amount of cruelty he displayed on and off the battlefield.

After the horrendous slaughter of the rest of the Laughing Thirteen at the paws of simple villagers, however, Cawn was forced to flee. He didn't return to the Blazing Banners- instead, he deserted entirely, stripping off his colors and buying his way onto the nearest ship sailing away from Summerly that he could find.

Eventually joining the Horde of Hollow Hearts years later, Cawn lived a life of carousing and brutality, rising in their ranks until he hit the title of secondary. He was eventually killed by two slaves, Ara and Renten, who fled after stabbing him with stolen daggers.

He favored the spear, sling, axe and dagger.