House a Grayle

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A Grayle
Arms: Azure, three pikes to sinister finned, toothed, and eyed gules
Seat: The Oaken Keep
Region: The Black Toll
Current head: Roylan a Grayle
Title: Sire
Founded: 1879
Founder: Roylan a Grayle, the Grayling

The House a Grayle was created for the Grayling by Armyn Maigher, King of the Isles after he took the Oaken Keep and captured the Sunnish King, Altayn a Tair, at the Battle of the Black Toll. Armyn created the noble family with the intent of cementing his influence in the Sunnish Midden.
The house was primarily known for Roylan, of course, but also included his mate, Catnip.