House of Aster

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Aster was a knightly hedgehog family making their home in the wooden fortress of Cotte's Hold near the forest of Cotte's Wood in the Westcommon of the Summerly Isle. They were pledged to the Loyalist Army of Altayn II a Tair, Breidstone King, until their deposition at the Siege of Cotte's Hold.

Known members

Fendric Aster, Greatfather.
Merrely Oake, lady and wife of Fendric, mother of Cendrly.
Cendrly Aster, wife of Quorrigan Twyne. Sire Owyn Aster, brother of Fendric, knight.
Addra Twyne, wife of Owyn Aster.
Finnan Aster.
Mendra II Twyne, wife of Finnan.
Cerran Aster.
Twilla II Twyne, wife of Cerran.