House of Blood

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The House of Blood or Aray (Tway Dana an Aray) was a landed knightly House of Islish minks pledged to the House of Maigher.

They participated in the Sunnish War as swords of the Blazing Banners.

Members included

  • Sire Browen Blood, Greatfather. Scruffy and gritty.
  • Wendel Blood, Greatmother. Cool-tempered mate of Sire Browen. Once a soldier of Browen's.
  • Sera Bernadet Blood, firstborn of Sire Browen and Wendel. A capable fighter and tactician.
  • Sera Kinsel Blood, secondborn of Sire Browen and Wendel. Defiant and spiky furred.

Holdings included

Servants included

  • Tefril, Bernadet's mink page. Daughter of a merchant named Clyle, sister to Hefrin and Epvrit.
  • Spilky, mink soldier.