House of Dreyling

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The House of Dreyling of the Flax was a squirrel house in the Summerly Isle that until the Sunnish War held jurisdiction over the territories running adjacent to the Flax river. Its line ended with the death of Lord Dor Dreyling and his son Dorell during the Battle of Oakebridge, whereafter the conquering House of Agrayle was granted the Dreyling fiefdom by Lord Armyn Maigher.
Following the Battle of Oakebridge, the surviving beasts of the Dreylings' so-called Flaxen Banners made up a part of the armies of the House of Twyne of Rover's Reach.

Their arms was a sky-blue field strewn with ears of wheat, silver and gold.


The Dreylings were originally vassals of House Oake until the Oakes were eradicated by King Altaine the Black.

The Oakes' seat, at Oaken Keep, was given to them for their service to the King in overthrowing the Oakes.

Members included:

  • Lord Dor Dreyling
  • Dorell Dreyling
  • Dorian Dreyling