House of Maigher

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Arms: Or goutty de sang
Motto: "Afire!"
Seat: Embertree
Region: Ingbara
Title: Lord

King of the Isles (claimant)

Scion: Rorrin Maigher
Ancentral weapon(s): Marlin's Pike
Founded: 3460 Anwronian
Founder: Maigh the Champion

The House of Maigher, later (self-)styled the Royal House of Maigher, was a high noble family of Isling Minks from Embertree, in the Blazing Isles. During the Sunnish War, it was led by Lord Armyn Maigher, self-proclaimed King of the Isles. Armyn had both a son and a daughter. His son, Rorrin, was a political beast more than a fighting one, although he held rank within his father's Army of the Blazing Banners. It was Rorrin who was said to make the business of diplomacy before his father came to deal in the business of war. Armyn's young daughter, Lady Rorena Maigher, was taken by the Mantese during a trade war, and Armyn, occupied with other matters, did not have the resources to win her back. She was kept at the villa of Cirkîs as a ward of Treios II, the Prince Sovarene.



Maigh the Champion, a wandering mink warrior called by the nickname "Mar", came to the island to slay a ferocious beast rumored to live and rampage there. After discovering the terrifying monster was nothing more than a dead tree, he berated the people for their stupidity- and in turn, they crowned him King.

Kings of the Isles

Many members of the House of Maigher went on to rule the Isles, calling themselves alternately King of Embertree or King of the Isles as the number of islands under their dominion grew.
During this time, the Maighers constantly pillaged and plundered the mainlands and coasts, though few were actual seafarers, a notable case being that of Maigh III Maigher and his brothers, Grymus (from whom the Blackblood line of Maighers descend) and Saltazar.

Lords of Embertree

Though lords of Embertree throughout their tenure as kings, the Maighers were reduced to nothing more than that when King Tarmian Maigher gambled away the throne of the Isles to the a Tairs, who would late be Kings of the Summerly Isle, all following Maighers have been named Lord of Embertree alone. Despite their lack of monarchic power over the Blazing Isles, their wealth, history, and influence in the area kept most other Blazing Isles houses loyal to them.

Wars with Manticene

Unfortunately, despite their status as mere lords, the Maighers managed to cause a great deal of trouble for Summerly. A series of wars and enmity, started long before the change of status, continued between certain beasts of the Isles and Manticene for hundredfolds.
Only through a tense hostage situation, with Lord Armyn Maigher's daughter Rorena being held by the Manticeneans as collateral, did peace prevail.

Sunnish War

In 1879 Postperidantean, Armyn Maigher rose in direct rebellion against the crown, naming himself King of the Isles and invading Summerly, supposedly to ensure his claim be respected and certain rights and privileges be afforded him and his allies.