House of Pike

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The House of Pike was a noble House of weazels who traditionally held by the Ashen Isle, one of the Blazing Isles.

They were known to be a bloodthirsty, fiendish bunch of marauders, pillaging and pirating endlessly in order to secure enough supplies on an island without any way to nourish or otherwise supply them to speak of.

During the Sunnish War, they were deeply loyal to the House of Maigher cause, going to great lengths to supply Armyn with ships and soldiers. Leaving his wife in charge of the Ashen Isle, Cedris and his scion, Lady Druenna, led an army into Summerly. His sons and youngest daughter joined the Laughing Thirteen, while his middlest daughter, Corlenna, led the Pike fleet in preying viciously upon Sunnish Loyalist shipping.

Their loyalty cost them deeply when the Laughing Thirteen were massacred. The deaths of most of his kits led Cedris into a mad, icy rage. Feeling betrayed by Lord Armyn, he pulled his army out of a conflict when they were desperately needed, giving the Sunnish Loyalists the upper hand. Lady Druenna fought his decision, though it wasn't enough to save the Maigher cause.

Members includes: