House of Pyre

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Arms: Argent, a sea-devil sable langued and armed gules, eyed or
Motto: "Salt and Seas"
Seat: Castle Pyre
Region: Dancing Coast
Current head: Ombroseus Pyre
Title: Lord of the Dancing Coast
Scion: Trynntas Pyre
Founder: Hatchett
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The House of Pyre was a powerful noble mink ally of the House of Maigher. They ruled the Dancing Coast at Castle Pyre, which they built with slaves. Their motto was "Salt and Seas" and their arms were blazoned with a sea-devil, claws bloodied, on white. Their current lord at the outbreak of the Sunnish War was Ombroseus Pyre.


The Pyres originally were corsairs led by the mink Hatchett, a self-made "lord of corsairs". The crews seized the Fire of Cairns and slew its otter wardens, declaring themselves lords by right of conquest.
Unlike other pirates in the region, the Pyres were exceptionally ruthless and earned infamy as backstabbers, cheaters, and deceivers. The Maighers, unwilling to accept such loathsome competition, opposed the Pyres at first; the piratical local Rudds, Ladds, Silverseas, and Blackes joined with the Maighers, finding the outsider corsairs bad for business, and fought many battles against them.
Eventually, however, the Pyres and Maighers made a shaky and distrustful peace, forming a powerful pirate consortium that dominated the region for centuries to come.
In spite of their power and standing, and their alliance with the Maighers, their relationship with the otter houses of Ingbara was shaky, and they truly got along with nobeast but themselves.