House of Twyne

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Arms: Tenny, three thistles leaved or
Motto: ""
Seat: Castle Quill (formerly)
Region: Rover's Reach (formerly)
Title: Lord of Rover's Reach
Scion: Derridan Twyne
Ancentral weapon(s): Thistle
Founder: Twyn

The House of Twyne was a hedgehog family from Summerly pledged to serve the mink House a Tair. They were commonly rather noble, knightly creatures, seeing themselves on the side of justice, peace, and friendship, regardless of the conflict they found themselves in.

Twyne's ancestral seat of power was Castle Quill, until the castle was seized by the House of Maigher and the Blazing Banners. For this, and many other reasons, the Twynes were dire enemies with whomever supported the Maighers.


Family tree

    = Male

    = Female

    = Unknown

Qylevere II TwyneFandra of Honeyhold
Bania QyverQuerram TwyneWisterya Twyne†Tambrya Twyne†
Sembry Brystle †Twynsel Twyne†Twirla Twyne†Quennam Twyne†Manda Twyne†
Frilla FizziwickBilberry Twyne†Mulberry Twyne†Tayberry Twyne†Drilka Twyne†
Doerthy TwyneAndra BurrbankTwynsel TwyneDrilkan TwyneQueldon TwyneQuilliver Twyne
SuliahWinselius TwyneQuorrigan TwyneTobert TwyneTorben TwyneAmbleton TwyneAella Twyne
Winselia TwyneDerridan Twyne