Sunnish Kingdom

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Sunnish Kingdom
Emblem: A crowned golden sun
Anthem: Crowning Cant
Capital: Shimmeril
Government: Elective monarchy
Ruler: King Altayn II a Tair
Tongues: Commontongue (de facto)


Demonym: Sunnish
Population: <500,000

The Sunnish Kingdom was a country on an island region south of the Aianaric continent of Summering, on the Isle of Summerly in the Serpentine Sea, founded by the Locks after their flight from Beyond-the-Sea to the island (Possible retcon).
The Kingdom held suzerainty over the Kingdom of the Isles and Seas for many thousands of seasons following an infamous game of Odd Noddy between the last King of the Isles, Tarmian Maigher and a King of the Sunnish.