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The Kingdom of Rorke was a small nation located upon Rorke Isle, at the far south tip of Summering. It was largely populated by otters, particularly sea otters, and ruled by an otter simply called the Rorke of Rorkes. It was generally very male-centric, and for a long time only males could rule, be a member of the council known as the Broken Table, or be heads of households.

The Kingdom of Rorke had deep roots in Neberee culture, the very first members of the kingdom themselves being Neberee, and had many Neberee tales and heroes. Rorke was by far the most popular hero, the mighty warrior claimed as both the founder of the Kingdom and the ancestor and House founder of the House of Rorke. His brother Rolt, brave and cunning, was a close second favorite.

The Rhocand Clan Ospëretìn conquered Rorke in 2117 Anteperidantean, founding such places as Port Rimell and renaming the isle "Bocorìn", meaning "babble-land". As other Rhocand roves pledged fealty to the Sunnish and Wyndish following the invasion of the Zussa, the rove of Bocorìn followed suit, pledging fealty to the Sunnish Kingdom and eventually joining the Crown of Summering.

When Peridante came to Summering, Rorke was conquered by Grand Admiral Zolina and brought into the Peridantean Empire in 10 Peridantean. The isle was renamed "Belone" for a time, and ruled by a host of governors, the first being Zolina.

When the Peridantean Empire fell in the south, rebellion broke out in Rorke and a new King of Rorke, Rylant Rorke, was chosen. It was uncertain whether this otter was indeed of the original House of Rorke, a line thought to have been extinguished during the Storm. Nonetheless, Rylant claimed as much, and the Rorkish made him King.

The ruler of the Kingdom of Rorke was called "Rorke of Rorkes".