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The passage of time in Aianar and Terrosa is measured and calculated in days, fortnights, moonfolds, folds, and fourfolds.
An event of universal import often triggers a new epoch.



Main article: Anwronian Calendar

The style of date in Moonish nations and elsewhere (although somewhat outdated) is based on the Sleep of Anwron, called Folds of Anwron's Rest (abbreviated A.R., or simply called Anwronian Folds).
The current fold in Moonish lands is 5709 Anwronian.


Main article: Manticenean Calendar

In Manticenê, current and former Manticenean territories, and some other Manticene-influenced cultures, the standard dating system is based on the Days of the Republic. Folds before Republican Folds were the Kingsfolds (sometimes further divided into folds for every King and Queen that ruled and styled as Rombolos' Fold, etc.), Magisterial Folds (shortened to Magisterial), Folds of the White Mantle (again with the Mantle's name, such as Sygno's Fold), and Imperial Folds (shortened to Imperial).
Per the Manticenean Calendar, the current date is the 253rd Fold of the Republic.


Main article: Peridantean Calendar

The current date convention in the Commonlands is based around the defeat of their greatest foe, the First Empire: Age of the Empire (abbreviated A.E. or styled Peridantean) refers to folds that the Empire stood on Aianar since the first conquest in 3457 AR, and Fall of the Empire (abbreviated F.E. or Postperidantean) references its collapse in 3829 Anwronian, or 371 Peridantean.

The lands of the Kaiantoran Empire deny the First Empire truly died, claiming themselves to be its true realization. Because of this, they continue to refer to the current season as Peridantean, not Postperidantean.
The current fold in all Commonish lands outside Kaiantor is 1879 Postperidantean, while in Kaiantor the date is rendered 2250 Peridantean.

Sunrise Epoch

For the purposes of a cohesive timeline, the Commonish or Peridantean dating system will be used primarily, with regional notation below.

2569 Anteperidantean

888 Anwronian
Kingsfold 1

2334 Anteperidantean

  • ?/?: The first of the Peoples of the Moon arrive on the continent. This tribe are the Jantyzars, led by disgraced thief called Raexon the Jeweller. Naming himself telar, or high prince, he founds the petty Telaroin of Nembas Niin in present-day Brzanta. The local toad tribes are unenthusiastic, nor is their hideous god. Other tribes soon follow the Jantyzars' example.

2322 Anteperidantean

Despite the constant threat of the greenkin in the mountains, the Brzants, Isvants, and their allies are most successful, forming a trade alliance with the badgers of the north, the ancient Ascks.

2320 Anteperidantean

The following season, Raexon dies, leaving a hopeful petty kingdom behind him.

2309 Anteperidantean

Seeing the Ascks are great miners of the world, and are grown wealthy in gems and silver and gold from the deeps, Raexon's jealous grandson Maermo makes war against Asckon, and having maimed his former allies grievously, takes away all the treasures of Asckon to Nembas Niin.

2296 Anteperidantean

With his stolen goods, Maermo the Rich stakes the city of Caxê Maermo as his new capital, having taken 13 seasons to construct it, and seeing his wealth and opulence and power, the other petty rovanates submit to him as their telar. Brzanta is formed.
One petty prince who would not submit, Talas, takes his people on an exodus into the mountains, and is never seen again.

2287 Anteperidantean

In their hubris, the Brzanta think themselves masters of the world. Rejoicing in their victory and the last stone of Maermo's palace being laid, they do not expect the demons of the mountains to be awakened.
The city is burned and sacked by the demons and their armies. Brzanta is laid waste.

2221 Anteperidantean

After a fifty fourfolds and more spent clawing out an existence on Aianar, the Circlet sends a savior to the Brzants, a Star-crowned Prince to lead their greatest warriors against their tormentors, the lizards, serpents, and toads of Hirrhion who number in the tens of thousands.
The sacred God-Prince, leading his Order of the Circlet, begins his Weeping Crusade against the Evils of the Mountains.

2220 Anteperidantean

Hirrhion and his ilk are destroyed, vanquished and banished to the Sea forever. Without their god, the greenkin are dispersed with ease. The Princes of the Circlet and their peoples settle the conquered lands, forming Elä Arylie and Aldarin, Raparin, and Temerin. The sons of Talas are found to be alive and well on the other side of the mountains, in their rovanate of Talassar.

2217 Anteperidantean

1240 Anwronian
Kingsfold 352
  • ?/?: The various tribes of Moonish foxes are allied, and Great Arylia united, covering nearly the entire northern continent of Aianar, save for the bird and wild kingdoms in the north and the "strange lands" to the far south. In time, there will be few places their deeds and works are not known. The Star-crowned Prince is offered the crown, and he is crowned their telar, or King.

2216 Anteperidantean

1241 Anwronian
  • 1/1: Following Winter's last day of 1240, the Star-crowned Prince disappears from Brzanta.

1680 Anteperidantean

  • ?/?: The Princes of the South quarrel with the Princes of the North, and Rhos is founded, splitting the empire into two empires, although they remain allies.

1539 Anteperidantean

1918 Anwronian
Kingsfold 1030
  • 30/6: Corsairs of Manticenê stake their claim to the Hundredfold Isles, their first overseas territory having been Naio.

1336 Anteperidantean

2121 Anwronian
  • 4/3: First recorded crossing into Rhytic territory of a significant number of foreigners, the Zussa from Terrosa. The harried Zussa, who are not truly invaders but refugees, are easily crushed and pushed into the Fires.

1265 Anteperidantean

2192 Anwronian
  • ?/?:The Locks arrive on the Summerly Isle, making peace with the local otter, toade, salamander, mouse, and vole tribes.

Later in the fold, the Wynds follow the Locks to Aianar, but land in Arragall.

1260 Anteperidantean

2197 Anwronian
  • ?/?: Arylia and Rhos go to war. The War of Gods' Tears is costly, weakening the two considerably. Manticenê is initially an ally of Rhos.

1258 Anteperidantean

2199 Anwronian
Kingsfold 1411
  • ?/?: The Magisters, a clever array of magicians and thinkers, seize control of Manticenê, and put out the eyes of the King himself. Shrewdly, they simply pull back Manticean support and watch Rhos die.

Rhos destroyed by the Zussa, who have allied the desert clans and ousted the Rocs and their bird kingdom, but are unable to hold the newly subjugated territory, falling to the Sunnish and Wyndish who in exchange for their aid demand the fealties of the surviving Rhos princes.

1257 Anteperidantean

2200 Anwronian
1 Magisterial
  • ?/?: Arylia harrowed and splintered after 930 folds by Zussa invaders, led by Ualzat Uqua as well as Manticenê. Some Aryli continue to fight the invaders, but are unsuccessful and retreat deeper into the mountains. Manticenê seizes the provinces of Talassar and Maecea.
  • 14/7: The Crown of Summering founded, with a continental capital in Lockelin, also newly founded by the Sunnish conquerors of Rhos. Their Wyndish allies found the Kingdom of the Wyndish the same day, with a capital in Arragall. Many areas become lawless and lordless.

1245 Anteperidantean

2212 Anwronian
  • 3/12: Talassar, a surviving province of Arylia, is the first of the remnants to appoint a Rove after ousting the Manticene governor.

1149 Anteperidantean

2308 Anwronian
108 Magisterial
  • 5/2: The Magisters of the Manti conquer Razsj, a long time trade partner. Many of the Hundredfold Isles are completely bound to Manticenê.

809 Anteperidantean

2648 Anwronian
  • ?/?: A fleet of ships, blown off far off their original course, land on the shores of Aianar. They are led by a family of dormice, claiming to have the ancient royal blood of the "Ellestrians". The creatures settle in the lands to the east of the Rodlands.

798 Anteperidantean

2659 Anwronian
459 Magisterial
  • 1/1: Tiêtera prophesies the fall of the Magisters of Manticenê. She is cast out of the Magisterium.

765 Anteperidantean

2662 Anwronian
462 Magisterial

and the Magisterium of the Manti is closed to the public.

764 Anteperidantean

2663 Anwronian
463 Magisterial
  • ?/?: The Bloody Schism is instigated by Isolos and his followers. Paspar is slain along with five of the other nine Magisters, the eleventh and final Magister being Isolos himself. The reaction of the public is fierce, and while Tiêtera is released from prison, Isolos is forced to flee by ship to Naio. The Folds of the White Mantles begin.

763 Anteperidantean

2664 Anwronian
Mantlefold 1
  • ?/8: Tiêtera the Oracle sets sail in search of truth, leaving only vague information with her best friend and compatriot, Sygno, as to where she is bound. According to common consensus, she will die on this voyage, as the oracles all die because of their connection to the divine.

500 Anteperidantean

2957 Anwronian
Mantlefold 293

The Manticenean War begins.

499 Anteperidantean

2958 Anwronian
Mantlefold 294

498 Anteperidantean

2959 Anwronian
1 Imperial
  • ?/?: Mesmerene VIII conquers Ocêa and slays the White Mantle. The garment itself goes missing, and Tiêtera's final prophecy comes true.

436 Anteperidantean

3021 Anwronian
62 Imperial

305 Anteperidantean

3152 Anwronian
193 Imperial

Peridantean Epoch

0 Peridantean

3457 Anwronian
498 Imperial
  • 10/8: The first broadships of the Peridanteans land on Arragall as conquerors, declaring the Age of their Empire to have finally begun.
  • 24/10: In order to avoid total domination, the Merles of Arragall submit to Peridante, allowing her to travel through their country and through the Green Mountains into the Grey.
  • 25/12: The Poruugans conquer the region known as the Grey, not yet its own Kingdom, nor a country of its own at all. They use it as a staging ground for their invasion of the Commonlands. The Kingdom of the Wyndish ceases to be.

3 Peridantean

3460 Anwronian
501 Imperial

16 Peridantean

3474 Anwronian
  • 2/1: Ossa is invaded by the Poruugan Empire.
  • 3/4: Ossa capitulates to the invading Poruugans.
  • 28/5: The Peridantean armies enter Hasaeln.
  • 29/5: Another Peridantean army almost simultaneously enters Gannivere.

19 Peridantean

3477 Anwronian
  • 20/2: The King-under-Tree, Martin Wildery, is slain in battle.
  • 5/4: After protracted war, the Peridantean Empire captures their last Commonish nation capital, Kingstree, though Wilderwood Castle, the hall of the destroyed Wilderys, remains free and rebellious.
  • 13/4: The Peridantean Empire besieges Wilderwood Castle.
  • 6/7: In the summer heat, the castle of Wilderwood finally falls to the Empire, and is utterly sacked and destroyed by the furious besiegers.

20 Peridantean

3478 Anwronian
  • 16/6: The Peridantean army's attempted invasion of Lockelin fails, leaving Lockelin and Crownswood the only free kingdoms in the region.

26 Peridantean

3484 Anwronian
  • 30/7: The knight Benn of Wilderwood, the castellan of the selfsame fallen House Wildery stronghold, is crowned King-under-Tree, and though he has already been fighting a guerilla war for seasons officially declares vengeance for the murdered King Martin to the gathered banners. The War of Freedom officially begins. The undertaking does not see completion in Benn's lifetime.

41 Peridantean

3499 Anwronian

47 Peridantean

3505 Anwronian
  • ?/?: After the fall of Hasaeln, the Peridanteans ferried north and now finally subjugate Essowar with a Zantese alliance, unaware of the paramilitary growth in Lockelin, which pays them tribute.

48 Peridantean

3506 Anwronian
  • ?/?: While the Peridanteans were focused on conquering Sartaszya, the rebellion in the south comes to a head. Within the folds, Crownswood and Riveril are freed.
  • 20/8: Rather than fight two wars, the rest of the Empire tightens its grip and negotiates a quick peace with the free nations. For three hundredfolds, the Great Gates on the Spicefare are shut, allowing only trade from the far east.

49 Peridantean

3507 Anwronian

92 Peridantean

3550 Anwronian
  • ?/?: Hasaeln, which was never properly conquered, becomes too dangerous for safe travel north. Imperial armies withdraw with massive bands of looters and guerrillas roaming the land.

371 Peridantean

3829 Anwronian
  • ?/?: Haunted by a series of failed wars, the Empire in the south slowly falls toward disarray. With Hasaeln's independence, the direct passage from the south to the north was cut off, damaging its solidarity. When the Merefolk and Locks invade, the citizenry of the Empire revolt, and the Emperor himself flees by ship to the northern empire in Kaiantor, where he reforms the Peridantean Empire into the Second Empire. The Kaiantorans to this day consider the Peridantean Empire to be the First Kaiantoran Empire.

Zenith Epoch

  • Also called the Golden Epoch.

1 Postperidantean

3830 Anwronian

3 Postperidantean

3833 Anwronian
  • 12/12: The last neo-Peridantean holdout in the Commonlands, the Tower of the Clouds in Nyfitsa, surrenders, officially marking the end of the Commonish Reconquest. The Empire lives on in the north and Nyfitsa retains many Poruugan cultural influences, however.

4 Postperidantean

3834 Anwronian

20 Postperidantean

3850 Anwronian
  • Moryne Ryhart, a Giorran male stoate and future knight, is born.

31 Postperidantean

3861 Anwronian
  • Moryne Ryhart slays the wolf White Eye, the so-called "Bane of Emndrara."

32 Postperidantean

3862 Anwronian
  • Moryne Ryhart and his friend and companion, the pale weazel Umbert, slay the kestrel Kryrr, the so-called "Terror of Erenlona".

45 Postperidantean

3875 Anwronian
  • Moryne Ryhart, the pale weazel Umbert, the stoate Lubena Mateir, and Wynds Telyn and Kerrish, slay the boars Ruvo and Karchem in Arragall.

47 Postperidantean

3877 Anwronian

48 Postperidantean

50 Postperidantean

3880 Anwronian

59 Postperidantean

  • 10th of Summer: The Clawstern slave galley enters the Mirror Sea, targeting island communities and other ships.

60 Postperidantean

503 Postperidantean

4333 Anwronian

504 Postperidantean

4334 Anwronian
  • 9th of Secondfold: Jemua, the ratte who will go on to be known as "Sharp Jem" in life and "Jemma Redcoin" after her death, is born in Riveril to the fisherbeasts Loughan and Baiwen.

506 Postperidantean

4338 Anwronian
  • 10th of Thirdfold: Sharp Jem assassinates Lady Virrain Fendin in retaliation for the execution of farmers Orimeus and Ilfan, itself a retaliation for Sharp Jem's robbery and near-killing of Virrain's son, Maurich Fendin.

508 Postperidantean

4340 Anwronian
  • 10th day of Lastfold: After a series of highway robberies, Sharp Jem is captured by the Locks.

509 Postperidantean

4342 Anwronian
  • 19th day of Firstfold: Itga, a surviving member of Sharp Jem's band, returns to Riveril, claiming Sharp Jem and her gang were bold and honest Riverling mercenaries unjustly murdered by Locks for speaking out against hedgehog rule.

704 Postperidantean

4534 Anwronian

1024 Postperidantean

4854 Anwronian

1031 Postperidantean

4861 Anwronian

1128 Postperidantean

4958 Anwronian
1999 Imperial

1171 Postperidantean

5001 Anwronian
  • A volcanic eruption on the continent Beyond-the-Sea occurs, prompting a mass exodus of the Tabany from their native island to Aianar.

1385 Postperidantean

5215 Anwronian
2256 Imperial

1388 Postperidantean

5218 Anwronian
2259 Imperial

1407 Postperidantean

5237 Anwronian
2272 Imperial
  • Skalivand the Witch Queen and her horde stalk Wintering.

1475 Postperidantean

  • 17th day: Founding of the Giltree Marauders by the fisher Pangmor and his companions. Pangmor is named "Captain", their leader.

1501 Postperidantean

  • 20th day: Ambush at Wellgrew Gulch, Captain Pangmor wounded and many Giltree Marauders slain.
  • 28th day: The plunder of the Giltree Marauders is buried, and Captain Pangmor dies. A map to the treasure is divided amongst surviving Giltree Marauders, who scatter with plans to reunite in three days.
  • 30th day: Several Giltree Marauders are captured, including Adlar, their new leader. Their map pieces, along with the location of the treasure, are lost, and the reunion never occurs.

1558 Postperidantean

5388 Anwronian
2429 Imperial

1560 Postperidantean

  • 5th day: Three Ganniverian travelers, Kalt the weazel, Skurlas the ferret, and Glaerwyn the mink, began searching for the map pieces to the treasure of the Giltree Marauders- the so-called "Lost Treasure of Captain Pangmor."

1626 Postperidantean

5456 Anwronian
2497 Imperial
0 Tirian
  • The last Manticenean Emperor, Kerekon V, dies. In accordance with the wishes of the people, and many of the exclaves, his daughter Anaîs signs the Tirian Charter into effect, freeing the client states from Imperial control and dissolving the Empire itself. In its stead, the Sovarene Republic is declared. The Manticenean Calendar is updated to reflect this change, replacing the folds Imperial with the Tirian Folds.

1725 Postperidantean

5555 Anwronian
99 Tirian

1745 Postperidantean

5575 Anwronian
119 Tirian

1746 Postperidantean

5576 Anwronian

1770 Postperidantean

5600 Anwronian
144 Tirian

1803 Postperidantean

5633 Anwronian
177 Tirian

1804 Postperidantean

5634 Anwronian
178 Tirian

1808 Postperidantean

5638 Anwronian
182 Tirian

1820 Postperidantean

5650 Anwronian
194 Tirian
  • 15/9: Erron and Riisarh of the Rahvrin of Raparin surrender the throne to Ficaun for a few more adventures at sea, on Ficaun's 22nd birthday.

Ficaun declared Rahv of Raparin, wife Loni declared Rahva of Raparin.

1827 Postperidantean

5657 Anwronian
201 Tirian

1828 Postperidantean

5658 Anwronian
202 Tirian

1833 Postperidantean

5663 Anwronian
207 Tirian

1840 Postperidantean

5670 Anwronian
214 Tirian

1842 Postperidantean

2213 Peridantean
5672 Anwronian
216 Tirian'

1844 Postperidantean

5674 Anwronian
218 Tirian

1850 Postperidantean

2213 Peridantean
5680 Anwronian
224 Tirian

Return of the Empire

5688 Anwronian (Moonish)
2229 Peridantean (Kaiantor)
1858 Postperidantean (Commonish)
232 Tirian (Manticenean)
  • 1,879th Post-Peridantean Fold, 253rd Fold of the Tirian Charter, the 5,709th Fold of Anwron's Rest

1879 Postperidantean

5711 Anwronian

2300 Peridantean

1929 Postperidantean
5767 Anwronian

2359 Peridantean

1988 Postperidantean
5820 Anwronian

2361 Peridantean

1990 Postperidantean
5828 Anwronian:

2363 Peridantean

1992 Postperidantean
5830 Anwronian

2367 Peridantean

1996 Postperidantean
5828 Anwronian

2382 Peridantean

2011 Postperidantean
5843 Anwronian

2400 Peridantean

2026 Postperidantean
5861 Anwronian