Woedel Flaury

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Woedel Flaury was a tall weazel knight of the Ganniverian House of Flaury, a wandering third son who pledged his blade to the service of Altayn II a Tair, King of the Sunnish. He refused to surrender to the forces of Sera Donagal Misgor and Sire Valis Iscor, who had infiltrated the Aster stronghold during the Battle of Cotte's Hold, stating that two dozen good beasts would die if he did. Shortly after refusing a second offer of mercy from Valis Iscor, one of the two knights flanking Woedel, the senior knight Spencel Twyne, cudgeled Woedel's helmet with his sword pommel so that he and Rommis a Braw might surrender, knocking him senseless and sparing him from a foolhardy death.