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Worthy was, as his name suggested, a capable male weazel captain in the Blazing Banners.

During the Battle of Cotte's Hold, he scaled the siege ladders and accompanied Sera Donagal Misgor and her forces in their plunge into the innards of the Aster castle. When he, Misgor and Valis Iscor encountered Rommis a Braw, Spencel Twyne, and Woedel Flaury in a stairwell, he advised Misgor spare the knights, as they would be more valuable as collateral than dead.

Once Woedel Flaury was knocked out of commission and Spencel Twyne and Rommis a Braw surrendered, Worthy was ordered by Misgor to continue clearing the castle of Aster forces while she and Valis Iscor pursued those who had fled the carnage.